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Black Santa Greeting Cards

Folded holiday greeting cards

  • Dimension: 5x7" 

  • Material: Glossy cardstock

Black Santa
Front/Back of card
Black Santa
Inside of card

Story of Black Santa

Black Santa was born with the gift to hear thoughts emanating from the depths of some people's hearts, but not all. Black Santa met one amazing Woman whom heart he could not hear any thoughts derive from, but he came to know that she could hear the thoughts screaming from his own heart. This amazing Woman helped Black Santa develop his ability to read all hearts and come up with Words Of Power which could unlock people's internal gifts to overcome all Life difficulties. Black Santa would leave a special greeting card that spoke to the heart of each person on his good list, along with gifts. Needless to say, the amazing Woman who unlocked Black Santa's internal gift became Mrs. Claus. To be continued......

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