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Music Opportunities To Incarcerated Voices Everywhere

Motive is a non-profit organization with a goal to give prisoners, their families and victims of incarcerated people, an outlet to express childhood and adult traumas through music. The music will be a form of therapy to create a path to healing. Traumas lead to mental illness and having an outlet which doesn't judge your grammar, character, look, past, etc., creates a safe place for self-expression. Music will be the road which both the victim and the abuser can walk (via recording and listening) to understand the hurt, remorse and traumas created from there encounter. This outlet increases positive emotion expression, self-confidence, effective communication, learning and healing from past mistakes, self-love, and accountability. This will create a strong bridge for prisoner’s re-entry into society and victims coping.


The music which is created will be the data to help guide the youth, the same as the data an Engineer collect to improve any product.


Music therapy sessions will occur via phone calls. Songs of self-expression will be recorded with no judgement. Discussions about the motive of the song will occur during the recording session.   Accepted songs will be mixed and mastered and made available on streaming services.


If you're interested in participating in MOTIVE or joining the Team, please get in contact below.

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